Room Lighting Issue

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UPDATE:  It's not my hardware (see my other post) or my NVIDIA video card...according to Apple.  We looked at the Activity Monitor with Chief Architect running and a "floor camera" window also running and the computer was not taxed at all...


So...I have some other issue.  


Here's my problem:  I have a large floor plan.  I have rooms where I have placed light fixtures...and also some "added lights".  Other rooms on the same floor don't have any lights.  When I use the floor camera...and I have "sun follows camera" checked...some rooms are "dark"...and no matter what I do I cannot get any "light" on any walls or anywhere in the room.  Maybe my file bot corrupted? 


Have I screwed up a setting somewhere along the line?  I don't remember this every happening to me before.


Below are pics from the plan I am working in...and another new plan I created just to test the floor camera and the supplied lighting...


These (2) pics are from the same plan file...on looking into a room filled with lights...the other in a room with lots of windows...but no lights. 

2019-11-04_16-13-21.thumb.png.705f569733fe859110bd174502b62c11.png  2019-11-04_16-00-29.thumb.png.29052c9acfd48e6bff3d568cb9792a82.png


This "floor camera" view was created in a new windows, no you can see I get the typical "Chief" generated light


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