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Hi everyone!

I have posted on Chiefs facebook page a couple times, and never got a response. In the Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine from February 2014, there was an article in there about a Room Planner App that is currently available for iOS. It mentions it will be available "later this month" for Android. It's March now- call me impatient, but I am hoping to get my hands on it!

Does anyone here use this app at all? I think instead of lugging around a big laptop it might be a useful tool (pending I can load a plan I drew on the computer to this or the other way around) if I use this to dimension a job at an initial visit and load it up on Chief to complete the drawings... 

I guess I am curious as to what is going on. I can't possibly be the only one wondering, especially since it was in the Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine! 

Sorry if this is in a terrible area to post this. I am running out of options on how to get information! :)


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I'm not sure where the "later this month" information came from. While we are currently working on an Android version of this App it is still likely several months out. Later this year would be a more accurate estimate from what I understand.


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