Q: Is there an easy/direct way to export schedules to MS Excel?

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I searched the reference manual and did a search on this forum with no success, so that means that someone here has cracked that nut....or maybe this could be a suggestion.


I have a builder who wants the schedules in excel.  I can do that, but it takes steps and is not dynamically linked.  The optimal condition would be:

1. make a change in the model

2. schedule is updated in chief

3. through OLE, that data is updated in excel.


Is this "do-able"?  I'd like to see an option to export to excel and to Object Link Embed to excel.  Even Word, PowerPoint....whichever.




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Hi Mike,  It seems you have the existing functionality figured out other than you can take your excel sheet and paste it back into Chief as Text or Rich text.  The only way I know of making it somewhat live is to use Ruby to bring the excel file back in as a .csv format, which is just as much work as going to PDF formatting but a little easier on system resources.


Definitely a Suggestions item as I believe other programs are further ahead with this.


Also there is likely more that can be done within chief with OIP options and macros.

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That's helpful.


Seems like spreadsheet logic from the 80s though.  If they could feed directly to an embedded excel table that would be best.  The power of excel, updating as the model is adjusted.


Thanks for that video!

That guy up north (of even you) is top shelf.


2019-10-06 18_50_08-Chief Architect Premier X11.png

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