Gap between porch ceiling and structure

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I have a persistent problem with gaps in my porch ceilings in between the finished surface and the underside of the roof structure.  I know it has to be a setting i have wrong but i cannot figure it out! Current project is a barndominium with a gable porch. 

Thanks in advance

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If you just want the ceiling surface to look flat open the Room DBX ( Dialogue Box )  and go to the Structure tab > Ceiling and Select "Use Soffit Surface For Ceiling"   If you want to allow enough space for proper structural rafters make your sub fascia depth the same as the "Vertical Structure Depth" of the roof by checking the Roof Plane Specification DBX under the General tab > Measurements.


If that does not work let us know what software version you are using and post your plan file and one of the pros will take a look.


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It looks like you have your Sub-fascia size set smaller than your Rafters and you also have the "Trim Framing to Soffits" check box set to on in the Build Roof >Structure Tab. ie Soffits always use the Sub Fascia height or VSD as Chopsaw pointed out.



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I experimented with Shadow Boards to cover the gap.



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