Wood Foundation walls

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I am doing an as-built plan for a client and it has a wood foundation- 2 x 8 treated studs and 1/2 treated plywood on the exterior with waterproofing...  I am having trouble creating the walls to have the studs generate.  Anyone have to make one of these?  There are no options in foundation wall types. I need the studs spaced at 12" oc.  

wood foundation.jpg

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You can place your software information in your forum signature so that it is easier for others to help with specific information.


Also some of your critical computer specifications if you are asking performance type questions.

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The main thing to remember is that you need to specify a framing material to the main framing layer of the wall.

You need to create a new wall type that either uses the standard Fir Framing material (you then need to use the stud configuration mentioned below), one of the included Fir Stud framing materials (which have stud configurations included), or a custom stud framing material (in which you can specify your stud details).

When you auto built the framing you can also uncheck Use Wall Framing Material and then specify a custom stud thickness and spacing - but this will apply to all the stud walls in your plan.

You can select a wall or walls and build their framing on an individual basis by using the Build Framing For Selected Objects tool on the Edit toolbar.

The stud depth is controlled by the main wall layer that has the framing material specified for it.

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