best graphics card for x11


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12 hours ago, yuvrajkuber said:

pls suggest me for best graphics card .. i had i9 9900k cpu

Need more information. Are you going to build a machine, buy one, just replace the graphics card? What budget do you have in mind - $200, $400, $1,000, or more? You can search this forum; lots of info on graphics card choices and opinions. Graham and others have done considerable testing in this area and posted their results and recommendations.

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What do you want it to be best at is a better question and how much are or can you spend to get the "Best"??? Video cards have a very wide range of price and a wide range of difference relative to what you may or may not want them to be "fast" at. I am just saying that it is more a matter of opinion whether or not a video card is the best. It has to be best for you and your budget more importantly.


My current card was the "Best" two years ago, I paid about $600.00 for it, today's best card costs considerably more to buy, there is no pat answer.



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