Menus Disappeared with X11 update


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I just installed the X11 update. Now my menus below the title bar are gone. I'm sure this is really simple, but I don't know where to turn them back on.

Though I've been using CA for many years, I've never done a lot of customization, and I've never run into this issue.

I've searched help, the forum, and can't find how to turn them on again.



Menus Gone.PNG

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Just now, solver said:

The options really should allow the rebuild of custom toolbars and other instead of just a reset to factory configuration.


You can always delete or rename your .ini file and then restart and it will bring up the update options again but that only gives you your toolbars from the previous version ( X10 in this case ).


Always a smart idea to back things up but a KB article would definitely be helpful unless there is one already ?


I suppose what you are asking for is an auto toolbar archive.

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29 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

I suppose what you are asking for is an auto toolbar archive.


It's what I would expect. All the user customizable files like toolbars and hotkeys should be archived (backed up) when changed and there should be a simple interface to easily restore to a previous save.


Why should a user need to root around in the file system to manually manage these files?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm revisiting this thread. My menu tool bar has disappeared again a few times. I can't pinpoint why - if I'm doing something specific.

The first time it happened I had done a "save as" command and saved as a new file. That time I reset my preferences (which I agree is not a great way to solve this, but I didn't have much customized). It happened again when I did a save as command, but I was able to use the "View Toolbar" option and it reappeared. Today I had a plan open and the toolbar was fine, then I went away from my computer for a few hours. When I reopened CA the menu toolbar was gone again. The "view toolbar" command doesn't work - no toolbar. 

I'm going to reset my preferences again... but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this with X11.

I have opened up a case with support at CA.

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Thanks BrownTiger, I'll look at making a backup.

I contacted support about the issue.

According to them:

"Do you have the Chief Architect Premier X11 Data folder stored on a network location (or your Documents folder being saved to One Drive as well)? Do you know if maybe there were Windows updates on the days you lost toolbars? Both of these routes we have seen the toolbars occasionally disappear"


"Have you been leaving Chief Architect open while the computer goes to sleep? If so, we've also seen that on a rare occasion cause the toolbars to disappear. You might try quitting out of Chief Architect if you know you are going to be away from the computer for an extended period of time to see if that helps at all."


My system did update last night when I shut down and this morning was when the toolbars disappeared. Also, I had left CA up when I went to meetings in the morning. Having a back up makes sense because these are pretty normal actions and really shouldn't result in lost functionality.




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