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  1. Underline Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+U Thank you! I haven't used that before and it worked like a charm!
  2. It's been awhile since I've worked in CA, and not much in V12 since I upgraded awhile ago. I don't remember temporary dimensioning looking anything like this mess. Attached are screenshots of the dimensioning defaults I've set up (some in desperation because I can't see for all the lines and numbers). How do I get rid of this? I never had a problem in past versions and am not really sure what to do now to simplify my workspace when choosing Temp Dimensions. Thank you!
  3. Thanks BrownTiger, I'll look at making a backup. I contacted support about the issue. According to them: "Do you have the Chief Architect Premier X11 Data folder stored on a network location (or your Documents folder being saved to One Drive as well)? Do you know if maybe there were Windows updates on the days you lost toolbars? Both of these routes we have seen the toolbars occasionally disappear" Also "Have you been leaving Chief Architect open while the computer goes to sleep? If so, we've also seen that on a rare occasion cause the toolbars to disappear. You might try quitting out of Chief Architect if you know you are going to be away from the computer for an extended period of time to see if that helps at all." My system did update last night when I shut down and this morning was when the toolbars disappeared. Also, I had left CA up when I went to meetings in the morning. Having a back up makes sense because these are pretty normal actions and really shouldn't result in lost functionality. -Cait
  4. I'm revisiting this thread. My menu tool bar has disappeared again a few times. I can't pinpoint why - if I'm doing something specific. The first time it happened I had done a "save as" command and saved as a new file. That time I reset my preferences (which I agree is not a great way to solve this, but I didn't have much customized). It happened again when I did a save as command, but I was able to use the "View Toolbar" option and it reappeared. Today I had a plan open and the toolbar was fine, then I went away from my computer for a few hours. When I reopened CA the menu toolbar was gone again. The "view toolbar" command doesn't work - no toolbar. I'm going to reset my preferences again... but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this with X11. I have opened up a case with support at CA.
  5. Hi Chopsaw, Yes, I tried that. Nothing changes. Still Missing
  6. I just installed the X11 update. Now my menus below the title bar are gone. I'm sure this is really simple, but I don't know where to turn them back on. Though I've been using CA for many years, I've never done a lot of customization, and I've never run into this issue. I've searched help, the forum, and can't find how to turn them on again. Thanks Cait
  7. I considered a symbol too last night, as this would be pretty easy to model in Sketchup. thanks, Cait
  8. This is probably one of the funkiest tub-showers I've seen. This is from a 1982 remodel - you can tell right! It's a whirlpool too. Trying to model this with Railings and pass through's overlapping at the corners. It looks pretty good, but the frame disappears at the corners. When I pull them apart, the wall shows up. I can't find the perfect overlap point. Suggestions? Should I just create a polyline moulding on top and bottom to cover the gap?
  9. Hey Steve, Thanks for the video. I actually already have a second floor on a different part of the house. So the whole process is far more complicated than I need it to be. I get a reasonable semblance of the attic wall extension when I have Auto-Roof rebuild on. I also have a custom box window structure under the hip roof that doesn't have a roof extension over it. But in order for the box window roof to not automatically build over the window, I have to leave auto rebuild roofs off, and the attic wall extension doesn't show up when it's off. It's all getting way too complicated with roofs, and attic rooms, and mouldings, etc I got it looking good enough for my purposes. Mostly I'm focused on the other exterior elevations and the interiors on this project. I've already spent way too much time on trying to get it right, when it isn't that big of an issue for my needs on this project. I appreciate the effort. It would be nice if this was an easy thing to accomplish with roofs, but clearly it's complicated. -Cait
  10. Thank you! Good suggestion to put on it's own layer, since It will be nice to hide it.
  11. Hey Chopsaw, When I open your plan I see the first 3d rendering image attached. Decided not to mess with it further. I'm not changing much on the exterior, and that exterior elevation is not getting any changes at all, so will leave it as is. I did adjust a few things, changed the gable fascia and moved the attic wall a little closer to the fascia. But the gap around the attic wall remains; though it looks a little like shadow lines. It is sufficient for my needs at this time. I appreciate the help, from all who responded. -Cait
  12. Hi Chopsaw, Using X11. I updated my signature; sorry about that. I had edited "about me" erroneously. Plan attached I did a combination of your suggestion and ShaneK's. I got close, but the attic wall was too high. So I pulled it down, but I can't get it any closer. I may fuss with it for a little longer and then call it good, or try Tommy's suggestion. It will look okay in elevation 1078 New.plan
  13. Hi Chopsaw, Thank you for taking a look at this. I looked at your images and tried to replicate. When I move the attic wall offset from the lower wall, a second attic wall is created. What am I missing here? When I try to delete the second attic wall, my attic wall floats. BTW, as you can see there is a second floor over the other wing of the house. Not all floor heights are correct at this point, as I'm working a little blind since I can't get into the house for a few month and am working off photos and partial faded blueprints from 1982 and 2003 remodels. I believe cladding the stucco wall was change in the field on the remodel. I have some of the sheets from the original drawings and they call out stucco to remain. Only when I got the photos did I see that they framed the attic wall and clad the lower. The same condition exists at the other end of the house at the garage. -Cait
  14. I'm working on a project where I was able to get photos of the previous 2003 remodel. I'm trying to model this gable end attic wall that has been built out to project over the lower wall. I tried to make the attic wall thicker, and tried to off set it from the wall below, but neither of these worked. Can anyone suggest where I can find how to do create this attic wall, or suggest a way to do it? I've tried thickening the attic wall, and moving the attic wall so it's offset from the lower wall, but neither of these attempts worked. I don't need all the built up wall layers, just for it to look correct in an exterior rendering. No exterior work is happening on this elevation. Thanks, Cait
  15. Does anyone know if there is a list or matrix on the Chief Architect site that shows the different default setting for each of the plan file templates? If not a list/matrix, are there images that show each style (eg. Craftsman, Today's Traditional, etc) I have my own template,, but I would like to see other templates that might be of use, without having to open each template and look at the default settings. I've looked around but maybe I'm not searching the correct areas. Thanks, Cait
  16. Hi Chopsaw, I have not noticed anything else that is consistently happening. This is the only project where I'm using CA at the moment and so am only working on it for revisions every other week or so as I hear from my client. Makes it a little hard to track what is happening. But when I posted last, I had been having the problem consistently during my work sessions. I want to clarify that I had been having a lot of problems when I used the "Update All View" button, which I stopped using, I now only update views individually by clicking on the view to select and then using the right mouse button selection or the "Update View" button on the lower menu bar (sorry if I'm not using all the right terms on the interface). Of course, this morning I opened CA and tried to replicate the problem to take some screenshots of before and after and it didn't happen - argh... after I said it happened consistently. I have not alter the views within layout - except for "Laundry - North" (shelving) so I don't know if there are issues with that workflow. Like you I am "just in too much of a hurry to get finished " to really take note of issues. I've been using CA for a long time, but I am not using it on every project so am by no means an advanced user when it comes to best workflows. If I am having an issue I'll search this forum, then look on CA's support site, and then just move on to cobble together a solution if I can't resolve my problem. Then I'm on to the next project in other programs. -Cait
  17. Taylor, I consistently have to update a view twice in order to get the details to show up. So, for example I'll update and the plumbing disappears and the doors show as slabs and then I'll click update view again and the detail shows up. It happens very consistently with me. Thanks, Cait
  18. Scott Hall, I'm still having a problem with updating views. Even when I right click on individual views and update that view I have to do it twice before the detail shows up. Mostly what is missing is any equipment like plumbing fixtures and appliances; door profiles also go missing. It's REALLY frustrating. It so easy to forget to update any single view when you have pages of them. -Cait
  19. Simon, I'm in complete agreement. Mulling and un-mulling changes makes me crazy too.
  20. Thanks Solver. Turning off the frame works in this situation. I agree that it would be nice to keep the frame and move the sill independently. Clearly this has been wanted by people for years. -Cait
  21. I searched this topic and found 1 unresolved issue in Nov. 2014 and nothing pertinent since. I would like the window sill to be flush with the top of the bottom window frame. I can't find a way to do this and keep the interior casing. The 2014 question did not have a resolution. Is it possible to make the top of sill flush with the bottom of the frame? Thanks, Cait
  22. I had a similar thing happen last night with an entire elevation view being gray in Layout; but it was the entire viewport. It was not gray in the view itself. I ended up deleting it an re-taking the view. But it was when the other line issues were happening. Go figure... today I'm not having the problems I did yesterday. I've only been updating individual views. I did change the cabinet doors to standard framed instead of a manufacturer's symbol.
  23. Thanks Chopsaw. I need to complete all elevations on 2 floors today and tomorrow for an early Tuesday meeting, I'll switch to Live View if I have problems. Then I'll send to tech support. Kind of need to focus on getting the work done rather than talking with tech support right now. But I will follow up with them on the zip files I attached.
  24. It doesn't seem to matter how many views. Sometimes one and sometimes all. I thought about so closed down to have only one open, then I'd notice other lines in other views missing so I'd open that view and then when I closed the others they would shift again. Only one Active Layer Display Option open. I just closed everything, and the layout had missing lines. Then I reopened plan and layout and everything looked good again. Don't know how long it will last though. Maybe one (or both) of them is corrupted.