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Hi all any suggestions on how to adjust cabinet to angled wall.

see image..

note this cabinet will only be half functional from front on but the back will be chamfered to suit the wall.

I have tried to look thru the options but nothing seems to address my requirements.


thanks in advance


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Garreth,  I am not sure that there is a way to do that with cabinet controls but I am not really a cabinet guy.


However if you convert to a symbol there is a special way to trim a cabinet.  It is rather detailed and will be a good learning experience.


Michael did a video specifically for a cabinet but I can't find it and I think he replaced it with a more detailed demonstration in this video:



Subscribe for many more advanced tips.


You should be able to come up with something like this if you follow along carefully.


Cabinet Symbol.jpg

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7 hours ago, Garreth said:

Hi all any suggestions on how to adjust cabinet to angled wall.

Have shown this on the forum in the past-use an angle front cabinet and rotate it. Then you can still change the door style, a symbol won't let you do that.


Once you have the angle correct and fit into place you can drag the end opposite the angle, the back in the one shown, along the wall to change the width.

Angle cabinet.plan

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1 hour ago, Chopsaw said:

Thanks Mark,  I'll save Michael's trick for some other impossible situation.


Any way to make the toe kick run all the way to the baseboard ?

Generally you can't get the automatic toe kicks to behave properly in these. Quick easy way is cabinet no toe kick, adjust height shorter and off the floor by the toe kick height. Add psolid or I like a molding line-snapped to the front with the molding offset by the correct depth.


For more complicated situations I have a bunch of cabinet doors -flats that have an offset and depth and or width locked- that I use as toe kicks set into face of side, back, front ...depending. I also have cabinet door symbols that are the side of a cabinet with a toe in it. But all that is complicated and only needed in special cases.

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