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I am trying to set my default dimensions to drywall to drywall  on all interiors and form outside edge of the brick surface or siding depending on the surface.  We do 90% interior remodels and the remaining we get into the exteriors.  Is this possible to set up this way.  Also, in the past when I have selected an interior wall it would automatically show temporary room dimensions but it stopped do it.  See the attached screen print for what Im wanting to do.   The interior drywall to drywall dimensions were done manually.


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does this do what you want? image.thumb.png.af38b3d67c1cd9770473e8bc9c4fc291.png

Has "Both Wall Sides Checked"

Automatic dims are slightly different


The only way to avoid getting dims on interior walls when dragging manual is using a separate layer and turning it off. Openings depends on what you want.

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