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    • By toucanskeleton
      Why does it looks like we're in a dark room? No matter which rendering technique I choose (except for "Vector View" or "Line Drawing"), it comes out looking way too dim, and none of the sliders/settings seem to be able to brighten it up. Is this just how it is?

    • By LongTermDev
      I'm having an issue where the framing members for a flat roof (1/4" slope) over a porch are not displaying correctly in the cross section. My default setting for rafter size and the specification in the roof plane dialogue for that roof plane are set to 5 1/2", but it always draws the cross section as a 2x4. If I select any of the framing members individually and open the dialogue box, it says it's 5 1/2". The trusses and framing for the rest of the house all come in correctly. Any quick thoughts come to mind?
      also, Is it better to upload a screen shot showing the problem or the whole file on here?
    • By breannahharmon
      Does anyone know, if you can take the automatic cross-section. From DBL click on your room, on the right side of your screen and save it to your plan?
      I have attached an image below. I have tried snipping or print screen, but I'm looking for a chief alternative. I want to be able to take this as a cad detail section and have it to scale in my plan.

    • By j2narchitecture
      Hi.  Whenever I create a "cad detail from view" from a cross-section, I end up with double lines in the cad detail from view drawing.  When I go to erase a line in the drawing, there is another line underneath so I have to erase the same line twice to eliminate it.  Any suggestions as to why this is happening and how to correct it?  Any input is most appreciated.   I am using the current build of X9 and running it on my iMac.  Thank you kindly.
    • By capitaldesigns
      Is there away to have the cross section callout only show up on the framing plan and foundation plans and not the floor plan ?
      The problem I am having is the floor plans has several strings of dimensions so I have to pull the section bubble out further away
      from the floor plan. I do not add dimension to my framing plan so the section bubble are to far away from the plan. So either I would
      like to not show the section bubbles on the floor plan or have the ability to locate the section bubble out further on the floor plan and
      in further on the framing and foundation plans.
      Also is there a way not to have the line between the two section bubbles be continuous across from one bubble to the other ?
      I like that line to only be 1" to 2" long. I do not like a lot of lines crossing over the framing plans since there is so many other line
      representing rafters, F.J., C.J., beams, drag struts, etc.