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Hello everyone:


I have just finished a custom roof on a plan and everything seems to be in order except for one thing I cannot figure out. I am thinking as always this is something simple that I am just not getting so as always I have come out here for help. It appears as though part of one of the layers on the SIP assembly is showing through the edge of the main roof in the front. Since pictures and plans speak louder than words please see attached picture with my hand written notes on it and attached plan.


Thank you

Inkedroof issue Soffit and Fascia2_LI.jpg


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I think there must be an issue with Square cut rafters still.  I ran into a similar situation several versions ago and it may not be exactly the same but I sent all my stuff in at the time.  It may be related to SIP but I have not done SIP before.


Please send it in to tech support.


In the mean time replace layer 4 of your SIP with "Insulation Air Gap" for your rendered views.


Let us know if tech support comes up with something better.

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9 hours ago, solver said:

Maybe a bug. You can see how the lower skin (colored blue) is offset when soffits are off.


Pull the top edge of the garage roof back and you will see it's the same.




9 hours ago, Chopsaw said:

Please send it in to tech support.


In the mean time replace layer 4 of your SIP with "Insulation Air Gap" for your rendered views.


Thanks to both of you. I have never sent anything into tech support so this should be interesting to do this. I have replaced the layer with an insulation air gap. It is supposed to be 1 by 4 furring. I suppose i will have to auto detail that for the final drawings.  For once i am kind of delighted that this might be a a program "bug" rather than a user "bug" Thanks to all the help I have received out here i might just be beginning to figure this out.


As for SIPS I do wish Chief would offer more options. I prefer to build with them at least for myself and i have to customize every SIP wall i use.

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Hi everyone this is the answer Support provided:


- Support Answer -

Grant Swenson
Tuesday, Jul 02, 2019 - 01:08 PM PDT
Hello Abigail,

Thank you for contacting Chief Architect Technical Support. I was able to recreate this and it seems that the bottom OSB layer is being displaced and pushed out. I will report this to our development team.

In terms of a solution: I could only say to go into your structure definition and set that bottom OSB layer's texture to Opening (no material). This will leave you with your OSB intact with the proper measurements but not have it display in camera views. 

Hope this helps,


Chief Architect Technical Support
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