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  1. UPDATE This is a link to extreme panels they have DWG files for general, wall, floor,and roof. I had forgotten I have them all downloaded but rather than post all their files if you go to: https://www.extremepanel.com/construction-details/ and scroll down you can get as few or as many as you want. They are in PDF as well.
  2. Not yet i am slowly working on it but being self taught it probably takes me 5 times as long. let me spend a little time looking through my files i may have some DWG files from the manufacturer. I am being a little schizo right now trying to make a final decision on manufacturer......
  3. Sips detail pdf's There are also some spec sheets and construction guides in this set of attachments. I have been using them since it seems virtually everything to do with creating a set of plans using SIPS has to be manually done....Most of these are from one manufacturer but they can be modified depending on you use. I have other systems as well. Message me for more. Hope they are of use to some others. Best a r-control_sip-104.pdf r-control_sip-109.pdf r-control-load-design-chart.pdf joist connection (1).pdf joist connection.pdf SIP_Specifica
  4. You seem to be the only other person I have run into out here that is utilizing SIPs in your designs as much as, actually even more than I am. I have found that I have to customize every element of the SIP's panels whether for flooring or walls/roofs and the program seems to fight me every step of the way. I am following the "Builders Guide to Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs) for all Climates" by Joe L Stiburek for all my details including CAD and custom materials. If a solution to this problem is found please let me know since I am dealing with similar issues. Thanks Best
  5. Hello All: I am designing a house with all cathedral ceilings on the second floor. The idea is to have all the duct work etc exposed. In some areas I would like to do some sloped soffits for light fixtures. So the question is and it may be stupid is do i place everything on the attic level so that it is on the ceiling? Thanks best a
  6. Yes you did and i followed your advice Hopefully the developers can fix the "bug" Best a
  7. Setting can be found here: I see that i have a features update to windows ten that was downloaded on my system. I have a blue tooth mouse so I am going to go ahead and restart and see if my mouse starts to act up. Will report back shortly. Wish me luck! I HAVE RESTARTED AND THE MOUSE IS BEHAVING FINE. Windows 10 pro version 1903 OS Build 18362.207 Keep in mind I use a surface studio so others may end up with a different build. Actually the mouse seems have less lag than it did. The lag was never horrible but it was noticeab
  8. They are different but they both use 2.4Ghz Frequency to communicate with devices so sometimes other devices that pour out RFI across multiple spectrum can affect them. I suspect this is either a driver or windows update issue regardless.
  9. "Yes networked through wifi, however; have been for the last 3 years, and the issue only started this week. I shut the server down, and restarted it the signal strength is strong and that didn't help either. I have another blue tooth mouse on my PC that is about a year old. I seldom use it, but loaded it on this tablet, and nothing changed. I ran the driver updater for the mouse I use all the time and the messages says the driver is up to date. I tried rolling it back but that option is grayed out and I'm not sure why?" Interesting. This sounds like a windows update issue to
  10. That may be it. As Mark says above I have sometimes had problems after windows updates. It could just be though that the mouse is worn out. If cleaning does not work, or buying a new mouse does not work then I would say it is a windows 10 issue. I wish you the best. Just one last question, are you networked through wireless? I spoke to my husband who does all our IT infrastructure and he pointed out to me that when i was having intermittent problems he had to move the wireless booster in my office to fix them. Best a
  11. This may seem weird but i have noticed that if I have either my vape or my cell phone anywhere near my mouse it does the same thing. Have you recently placed something near your mouse that uses rechargeable batteries or creates interference.
  12. Hi everyone this is the answer Support provided: - Support Answer - Grant Swenson Tuesday, Jul 02, 2019 - 01:08 PM PDT Hello Abigail, Thank you for contacting Chief Architect Technical Support. I was able to recreate this and it seems that the bottom OSB layer is being displaced and pushed out. I will report this to our development team. In terms of a solution: I could only say to go into your structure definition and set that bottom OSB layer's texture to Opening (no material). This will leave you with your OSB intact with the proper measurements
  13. I submitted a case to tech support once I have an answer I will post it back here. Best a
  14. Thanks to both of you. I have never sent anything into tech support so this should be interesting to do this. I have replaced the layer with an insulation air gap. It is supposed to be 1 by 4 furring. I suppose i will have to auto detail that for the final drawings. For once i am kind of delighted that this might be a a program "bug" rather than a user "bug" Thanks to all the help I have received out here i might just be beginning to figure this out. As for SIPS I do wish Chief would offer more options. I prefer to build with them at least for myself and i have to customize every