roof/attic troubles


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Attached is my plan, I'm struggling with a few things.


1. My second floor in reality is an attic. I'll do my best to describe it. The ceiling in the center is about 7'. the space is outlined in the plan by interior walls. These walls are vertical for about 3 feet and then follow the roof up to a ceiling that is about 4' wide. I'm not sure how to make my second floor match that while still being an official floor. Currently Home Designer is placing the attic on top of my second floor.


2. Not included in my plan is a porch that runs along the kitchen/dining room wall and extends past the end of the living room a few feet. It has a nearly flat roof and is lower than the top of the basement walls by about 3'. I didn't include it in my plan because it seriously messes up the roof and I have no idea how to achieve it properly.


Any ideas/direction would be amazing!



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