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A client called this morning to ask me what would be involved in reversing her fully completed, building department approved and permitted plan.  
Not just the plan but everything on the plan (notes, arrows, cad details etc. also need to be mirrored imaged.  Can this be done by by doing a mirror image of the entire layout instead of just the plan file?





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I use:

Go to floor 1 (doesn’t really matter witch floor)

Make sure “All On Set” Layers is selected (and make sure everything is “on” in the layer settings).

Edit -> Edit Area all floors

Zoom extant to see all

Make sure to have “Select Intersected Objects” selection tool (just in case)

Draw a marquee around everything 

Select Reflect About Object tool

Reflect about a cad line that you have already placed at the point on the plan that you consider the center. 


I also create mirrored copies of plans when I do Appartment blocks or Semidetached homes so I can copy and past in place a mirror of a completed unit.  I find this easier than trying to mirror within the same plan.  Not sure if anyone else does this.  This is especially important for stairs because mirroring a staircase with winders or several different landings is not so easy. I find it more straight forward to have both plans open at the same time in a split screen and past back and forth between the plan and its mirrored version. 

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Thanks for the advice, and my approach was a combination of the suggestions and a few other things.

Step 1     Make a complete back up copy, then another back up copy in a folder named "xxxx Mirror Image Plan"

Step 2.    Open the mirror image plan and re-associate the layout with the plan file in the "Mirror Image Plan" folder.

Step 3.    Open the front elevation view.  Save that as a "View To Cad"

Step 4.    Do the same for the other elevations.  

Step 5.    Go to the plan file, first floor.  Do a "reverse plan"

Step 6.     Astonishment.  It actually worked to about 99% of what needed to be done.  Some text was not aligned as it was in the original, but that was an easy fix.

Step 6.     Remove all of the elevation views from the layout page.

Step 7.     Open each CAD view for the Front, Rear, Side L, Side R and send them to the layout.

Step 8.      Praise Chief to no end, as opposed to my usual *&YH^&%&%$# Chief!


Some corner posts and a couple of other minor things did not make the flip, but they were easily taken care of.
Thanks for the tips!


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