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When I render PB  the image always looks darker than in the standard view and in  ray trace  .


When I look at the online videos for assistance there is mention of BLOOM and IMAGE .( Changing intensity, contrast etc).. I do not these options on my tool bars ,  Are these options only available in RAY  TRACE




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CA Premier x 11


I think I found what I was looking for under Rendering  -  technique seems the standard view is brighter and crisper tan the PB.. I'm thinking this should not be the case or is rendering strictly a personal matter of preference..  Am I missing a link somewhere??




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I think Chief’s “Standard” View with shadows, reflections and “edge smoothing when idling” is the way to go for construction documents. Or even the water colour with line drawing on top. Fast, not fuss, automatically updateable. Set and forget. 


If you really want to have something to impress clients you need to export out to programs like Lumion or Twin Motion. 

Cheesy Raytraces are too time consuming for what they produce compared to these other rendering dedicated softwares, why bother?


My two cents. 

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