Wall/railing miss behaving in X11


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I had all this working in X10 & job as on hold. I started back in X11 & noticed some problems.

Not sure if I created them or X11 issues.

The wall is on the wrong floor & a doorway will not cut.

The file is rather large so I put it in Dropbox.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/l6842gxuth79huq/Untitled 1.zip?dl=0


Any advice would be appreciated.



CA Railing 1.JPG

CA Doorway.JPG

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41 minutes ago, ACADuser said:

The new doorway worked but how about the first picture ?

try changing the floor hieght of the open below area to match the hall at the top of the stairs that seems to fix i think on the 4th floor

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I'll do that to fix it.

This plan was started in X10 and I just started working on it5 again in X11 so I may have done something to the rooms but I think this may be a transition problem from X10.

At least the problems are fixable.



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