Send to Layout: Line Weight Irregular & CAD Work Misaligned


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I'm using CA X9 - MAC version - native

System is iMac OSX 10.12.6 (Sierra), Video Card ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 Mb


The problem is related to an image sent to layout with the following settings: (See image titled "2019-02-08_LayoutViewSettings-X9.png")


Here's a screen shot of my layout view before printing. Notice the line weight on all surfaces (while wavy) is consistent. (See image titled "2019-02-08_LayoutViewScreen-X9.png". Also notice the location of the keyed notes. The notes are centered on the various materials.


Here's a printout (pdf) of the layout page. Notice the line weight on surfaces closest to the viewer is heavier. (See file titled "2019-02-06_DTLG107-PAREX.pdf" ) Also notice the keyed notes shifted.


I set line weights in the plan file to the "Layer" setting.


I want line weights to be consistent and keyed notes to align where I draw them. Why is the line weight thicker when closer to the viewer & why are my annotations misaligned in the printed (pdf) version?




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It is possible the the camera may have shifted slightly while you were working and then updated when you printed.  Go back and check the layout to see if it looks the same.  You might be able to get a sharper image using plot lines with color fill.  Also are the key notes in layout or plan view ?  Sometimes they can shift if in layout when the layout box is resized.

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I would try the Plot lines Option instead as CS mentioned. I think I have also read about Others having issues with Notes in Layout vs Plan.


Wouldn't hurt to try a different PDF Printer Too.....Eg  BullZip....... or if you are try Chief's Own Built in one.

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@Chopsaw & @Kbird1,


Thank you for the troubleshooting advice.


Before I tried exporting an image to layout view, I sent the Plot Line - Color Fill option, but the plot lines and color fill do not properly align. (See file "2019-02-06_DTLG107Bust-PAREX.pdf") The layout view prints exactly like it looks on screen (also misaligned). Notice the line weight is consistent, but the color is unusable.


@Chopsaw asked about the annotation location. The annotations are in layout view. I added the annotations after I sent the image & did not resize the image after. I also unchecked the "Automatically Update" option while printing but received the same misaligned result as an image & plot line.


I use the PDF printer called "Chief Architect Save as PDF". It's the only PDF-printer installed on my computer.


I'm using the native Mac version of CA. I collaborate with other MS Windows CA users and they rarely experience the oddities I do.


What else should I try to resolve this problem?


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Wow.  Plot lines with color fill has slight misalignment bug but I have never seen that as seriously messed up as your pdf.  And your layout view looks the same before printing ?


You can't stop a live view from updating when you print.  "Automatically Update" option while printing is just in the print dialogue for the print preview, Which is not always accurate.


I see that your key notes have stayed in place for the plotline view.  It might be good to use a heavier line weight for them. We should maybe explore fixing that or sending an actual image to layout rather than a live view or plot line view.


Is that just a small cad detail in a mostly empty plan file or part of a much larger project plan file ?


If you can send the layout and plan files I would be willing to take a look for you to make sure it is not a mac issue.

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Upgrade to X10 :)  ....sorry bad joke I am guessing....  CA always Updates the View when you Print , no matter what.....


Post the Plan file and Layout (while closed in Chief) and let someone else have a look perhaps


I am curious why you are recreating Parex's PDF? Can't you just use Parex's PDF ?  or do you need to add the "Notes" for a reason ?


see Details Dropdown here


Your video Ram is really low , but I am not sure that is relevant to this issue...and a good reason to not use X10 is my guess , but you could download the Trial Version and try it out....

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