Light and Vent Requirement Schedule

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To all of the brilliant minds...

Is there any way to "auto-generate" a schedule like this?

- I can get interior room areas easily, but is there a way to calculate 8% and 4% of each area respectively for light and vent requirements?

- I have custom object fields on all my windows and doors that include the (1) glass area and (2) vent area. Is it possible to calculate all the (1) light and (2) vent included from each room?


I have an excel spreadsheet I plug in the numbers for the required areas and then manually put them in chief, but just looking to save some time if possible

I have attached a simple plan with the window, door, and light-vent schedules if that helps




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Rich.  "Auto" generating a schedule like that is kinda possible but requires an inordinate amount of setup time, some very complex macros, quite a bit of Ruby savvy, and some very careful maintenance.  Totally not worth it in my opinion.  There are some pretty easy ways you can really speed up your copying and pasting of info. from plan to excel though in order to make the job quicker and reduce errors including;


  • Using temporary schedules
  • Copying and pasting directly from schedules (either in whole or in part)
  • Using some pretty simple custom text macros and copying/pasting from those

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although it would be nice to have. This has been in the codes forever even though the numbers have changed over time and energy requirments

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