Seeking someone to create model from plans


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I’m looking for someone to create a model of this plan:


Farmhouse Style House Plan

I plan to purchase the CAD set from (they are in AutoCAD).  I’m just looking for the model of the external roof structure, internal room layout, stairwells, and railings.  Maybe default door and window placement.  Then I want to take the model and play with various interior design ideas on my own using Home Designer Architectural 2019 (or a more feature rich version if required).


At some point I will get an architect to create the drawings and analysis for submittal to the permitting process.


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You ought to plan on Home Designer Pro, it is more expensive than Architectural but it is light-years ahead in terms of ability and choices available compared to Home Designer Architectural. I do this kind of work for people like you all the time. Please visit my website for examples and testimonials.




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I agree with David, HD PRO has a far better feature set

having manual tools for roofs, framing, cabinets, etc


Many small shop designers use it for their business


but if you go with the lesser product - the full cost can be applied to the upgrade

when you start banging into the limitations of that lesser product



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