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  1. High Point Design Studio is an affordable full service design studio offering Custom Home Design Still Rendering ( Interior & Exterior ) Video Rendering & Animation 2D-3D Plan Conversions Builder & Developer Services Ask about our stock plan program! Plan Revisions Additions and Remodels Rush Service Available
  2. I run into the issue often with larger terrain pads even though the home is at the origin point. There are a couple solutions I know of but quickest seems to be to change clipping value when getting ready to render or export. If you know its not an origin issue how do others deal with it?
  3. Seeking services is the section where people are looking to hire others. These requests go in tips and techniques or general Q&A section. The sheeting showing through roof simple quick solution can be fixed by changing your camera preferences scene clipping increase value from 24"
  4. We will be continuing our November special through the first week of December. New clients only. www.hpcustomhomes.com 816-799-1063
  5. This goes in the offering services section. This section is for people looking for services not offering.
  6. We have experience with Tiny house plans. Please get in touch if we can help.