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  1. QuadraCadDesigns

    New Hampshire Users

    Hey Mark, I live in Central Maine and looking for other Chief users as well. Lee Trahan 207-509-8453 Quadra-Cad Designs.com
  2. QuadraCadDesigns

    Seeking Chief Architect Tutor, North/Central Florida

    Hi Amy, I'm available to help you one on one as a tutor via zoom with screen sharing. I'm happy to discuss my rate and feel free to check out my website QuadraCadDesigns.com Lee Trahan 207-509-8453
  3. QuadraCadDesigns

    Drafter/Designer Chief X10, X11

    Drafter For Hire over 15 years experience
  4. QuadraCadDesigns

    Construction Details Re-Drawn

    Scot, If you need help please let me know. Lee Trahan QuadraCadDesigns.com
  5. QuadraCadDesigns

    can someone help me build a floor plan?

    Hello, I'm happy to help if you are still looking.. Thanks Lee Trahan 207-509-8453 QuadraCadDesigns.com
  6. QuadraCadDesigns

    Chief draftsman or designers

    Hi Tim, I sent an email with my website and contact info. Thanks Lee QuadraCarDesigns.com
  7. QuadraCadDesigns

    Seeking designer to finish drawings in Greensboro, NC

    Happy to help you, low rates and open availability Lee Trahan Quadra-Cad Designs 207-509-8453
  8. QuadraCadDesigns

    seeking drafting services

    Hey William, I sent you an email Lee
  9. QuadraCadDesigns

    ISO someone to convert paper plans into Home Designer

    Hey Aaron, I'd like to help you brings your plans to life. Lee Trahan Quadra-Cad Designs 207.509.8453
  10. QuadraCadDesigns

    Draftsman Needed

    Hey Edmonmotes, I use Chief X11 and Home Designer 2019 and would like to discuss this opportunity with you further. Lee Trahan Quadra-Cad Designs 207.509.8453
  11. QuadraCadDesigns

    Northern New England Users - Network

    Hello All, Looking for other fellow Chief users in my area (Central Maine) to network. Lee Trahan Quadra-Cad Designs
  12. QuadraCadDesigns

    In need of drafting services..

    Email sent
  13. QuadraCadDesigns

    Project Opportunity

    Email aent
  14. QuadraCadDesigns

    Help Wanted

    I'd be happy to assist at very reasonable rates. I've done partial sets and looking to complete an entire set. Lee Trahan QuadraCadDesigns@gmail.com (207)509-8453