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Happy Thanksgiving.

Could someone please help me with this turkey?

I have a porch. I can't seem to get a roof over it that connects to the house roof.

I already have walls for the perimeter of the house. Can I have walls within walls such that I get roof over house plus over porch?


roof question thanksgiving.plan

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Rochne, I would keep the room definition as a porch. Just be sure it has a roof and a ceiling, It needs the ceiling to start with so Chief has a plate height to work with. Also, if the room is defined as a closet, then if you put a door going into the house, it will be an interior door when it should be an exterior door.

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6 hours ago, rockyshepheard said:

Oh, I see. I changed to porch to a closet and it put a roof on it.


Sounds like you have unchecked Roof Over this Room and perhaps the Ceiling Too for the Porch....both should be on by default in the Porch Room Definition, for Decks they are Off.

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