Custom countertop overlaps stove


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I created an island with a slide in range, and the countertop has a molding on it- CA-29. This molding overlaps onto the stove. I converted the counter to a custom countertop, and I see an option to have "no molding on selected edge", but I can't figure out how to select an edge...

Using version X10 on a Mac.


Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.35.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.35.59 PM.png

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Your version of Chief (X9, X10) (Premier, Interiors) is the important info.


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My guess is the square countertop is actually the custom one, and the one with the molding is auto-generated by the base cabinet. Remove the molding from the base cabinet definition, then assign the molding to the custom countertop and select whichever edges you don't want molding on.

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38 minutes ago, parkwest said:

Curious why you converted the countertop to a custom countertop in the first place???

Don't know why the OP did it but one reason I use only custom countertops so that I can have a countertop drawing to send for quote. If I use just the standard counters they only show up when the base cabinet layer is also turned on. The other reason is it's simpler to control of overhangs.

Counter top drawing.png

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1 hour ago, parkwest said:

Thanks Mark.


When you use custom countertops, do you first turn off the cabinet tops to eliminate the conflict between the two as in this case?

Only sometimes- to do that you have to put them on a separate layer.

Deleting the original counters from the cabinets requires far too much fooling around though prior to X10 I set my default cabinets to have no counters and adjusted the heights-then would have to change the setting for the counter so that it did not get thickness or height from the cabinets.

When they made it so that dimensions would snap to the default counters I changed the cabinet defaults back to include the counters.

I suppose there are things they could do to make it a tad easier, (default layer for custom tops, show tops when cabinets layer is off) but I don't find any of this a big deal. I'm happy that dimensions now snap to the counters :)

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