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  1. My students and I are working on the Chief Architect tutorial house, using x10 and x11. Everyone's worked out fine except for 1. When she checks the boxes to ignore the top floor, the porch roof overtakes the steeper pitch on the back of the house. Any suggestions? 1st & 2nd image are what it should look like, along with my settings. 3rd and 4th image are my students, before ignoring the top floor and after.
  2. I'm drawing a barn with 12x12 posts. In the plan view, I copied the posts that I added on the first floor, and then went up to the 2nd floor, and used paste-hold position. The posts show up on the 2nd floor floor plan, but not in a perspective view. In a perspective view, they show as doubles on the first floor. Any suggestions? Using X10.
  3. My students are setting up their layout documents, and when they change the layer set in the plan for a particular view (site plan, electrical, etc.) and then go back to the layout, every page of the layout has the layer changed. Any suggestions what we're doing wrong? Using X10.
  4. Trying to raise a floor beam flush with the top of the joists, and no matter which measurement I try to change, I get an error message. Any suggestions? Using X10 on a Mac.
  5. Any thoughts on why I don't have that option when I right click? It also seems like I have 2 countertops, since a square-edged one is still there when if I delete the entire base cabinet.
  6. I must be missing something simple. I tried selecting that edge and then checking the box for no molding on edge, but nothing changed. Tried it in both plan view and perspective overview. Any suggestions?
  7. I created an island with a slide in range, and the countertop has a molding on it- CA-29. This molding overlaps onto the stove. I converted the counter to a custom countertop, and I see an option to have "no molding on selected edge", but I can't figure out how to select an edge... Using version X10 on a Mac.