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I have tried the log truss from the library. I remember I couldn't do much with it so I never went back but maybe I should revisit that.

I figured out how to cut my log to length just by drawing and extruding some polyline solids to subtract from the log.

What puzzles my more than anything is why sometimes I can move to an elevation and click on and rotate objects and sometimes I can't.

After an hour of banging my head against the wall it works and I can't figure out what I did differently.

Also, it would be nice if you could have an option to draw round roof and floor beams.

anyway... off we go.


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2 hours ago, MN_JohnH said:

What puzzles my more than anything is why sometimes I can move to an elevation and click on and rotate objects and sometimes I can't.


This just depends on the object type.  In your particular case, for these logs, you basically have 3 different object you would most likely be working with:

1.  A symbol:  These should be easily rotated in any view.

2.  A polyine solid:  Remember that these are only 3D extrusions of a 2D shape.  That means these can only be rotated in the view they were created in or in the directly opposing view since those are the only 2 views the extrusion shape (profile) actually exists in.

3.  A solid:  These can be rotated in any view since they are not connected to a 2D extrusion.  One big limitation is that there is no Make Parallel/Perpendicular since the solid has no actual definable 2D edges for Chief to use for that operation.  This means you must specifically rotate solids using another method (angle snaps for example).


QUICK POWER TIP:  Group (control) select the solid in an elevation view to force it to rotate perfectly perpendicular to that camera.  


There's a lot more that could be said about modeling custom log-work like this.  For anyone interested in a more in depth discussion, please consider contacting me at alaskansons@gmail.com to set up a customized one-on-one consultation session.

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