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1. I would appreciate help. designed a deck, but cannot get chief architect to cut hole in deck around tree 36x36". It also needs to reframe the deck. Cannot get it to reframe the deck and around the new hole it cuts. 

2. Also where entrances to barn on both sides is level with grade and the rear of bldg at deck is 18" to foundation ht of barn. edge of exterior deck is 18" ht, then out about 36" from outside deck , it starts slopping down hill to rear.. I cannot get the deck and foundation ht to look right. (right now it is sloping the other way)!


deck hole issues.jpg

Lane.Joe -Coyle 2.plan

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For the deck hole, you need to convert the polyline to a Hole In Floor Platform and then rebuild the deck framing.

For the terrain slope, turn on the Terrain, Elevation Data which will allow you to the existing data.

You can then edit their heights or add new elevation data.

3D trees may look better than the 2D images you have used. 


New Image_6.jpg

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Turn on "Automatically Regenerate Deck Framing" in the Deck Room DBX and then you may need to do some manual framing just the way your carpenter would but much easier and faster on the computer than in real life.   And no YELLING Please.


You can even make the tree hole round if you like so people don't fall in.  I have done them with framing that can be progressively trimmed and removed as the tree matures to it's anticipated size.

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