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Doing some signage detail and have a 2D image from my graphic Designer, have imported this to a "New Plan" but need to find an easy way of tracing

a polyline around the image as it's quite detailed. What's the best way achieving this to convert to a polyline solid, see attached image for reference.

Would prefer to have the logo ( tomato ) in two parts as there are unique requirements to each. 


Have used CA's text for the lettering so its the logo that I need to work on.


Regards NeilofOz. 

Mediterranean Taste.png

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Small problem, have done the logo and positioned it on a wall, but can't view it in floor plan, only elevation and camera views

which makes it difficult to park it off the wall while playing around with some back lighting, any suggestions.


Regards Neil.


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All text and logo are solids and I have finalised the signage panel and it looks great, see attached, so the only problem now for me

is why does the logo object disappear only in floor plan view, when I shift it away from the back panel.


Just need to know for future reference. 


Regards Neil. 


Kiosk Signage Edited.jpg

Captured Logo off wall.JPG

Capture, Logo on plan view, not seen..JPG

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