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Hi there,


I've got a quick question on the attached model of a pole barn I've been working on. There is a gap between where the fascia ends on both gable and eve sides. I've tried adjusting the size of the fascia but when I do that it seems to mess up the fascia under the eves as it moves in relation to the adjusted fascia.


Also when I look at an elevation view the peak of the steel siding and the peak of the gable are not lining up. I'm using Chief Architect Premier X10 if that cues any body in. 


Comment or thoughts but mostly solutions would be appreciated! (LOL) 

Pole Barn 1.plan

Proplem at Peak 2.PNG

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Please update your signature from X9 to X10.


Your 2 roof planes are different causing the alignment problem. Delete one, copy and reflect about the ridge to duplicate.


Change the Sub Fascia height or the Fascia height to close the gap -- both gable and eave.

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The sub-fascia/fascias are indeed set incorrectly , one side has the sub fascia bigger than the fascia , though the roof pitches seem to be the same so I just set both sides up the same and it looks okay,  I think,  without digging deeper into your Roof Structure .....I assume you are trying to simulate a metal flashing over the Subfascia since the fascia is set to 1/8" ?  Chief doesn't handle that well as it auto applies the Soffit to the bottom of the sub-fascia and since it is 3/8" thick , your metal "Fascia" will need to hang lower than 1/8" past the sub-fascia, 1/2" should work....


see the pic for the settings I used below...



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