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  1. Good afternoon folks, On the attached plan I have a line right through my chimney that will not erase. Maybe it's as simple as a layer being locked but I can't seem to figure this out. Any suggestions would be appreciated and a soulution would be even more welcome. Thanks for taking the time! SawyerCD The Cedarviller.plan
  2. Thank you DG1949! I should have thought of that...
  3. Hi all, Could someone please give me a hand deleting this unnecessary ridge cap? It's left over from another plan that I copied the CAD file for so the settings would be the same for my next drawing. I've tried deleting this in the 3d view and in plan view, nothing shows up in the roof plan view... Anyway it's really going to cramp the style of my rendering so any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Sawyer The Whitehall.plan
  4. Good afternoon Chief architect Users, I've got a question on controlling line weights I'm hoping someone can give me a hand with. On the attached plan I'm trying to get the both sides of interior and exterior walls to be the same line weight with a solid gray filling. When I create a pdf of this one side of the wall is a much thicker line weight that the other. I've tried adjusting my line weights settings with no success. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you NEW CASTLEWOOD PLAN Dark Brown Siding.plan
  5. Thanks for the ideas I give this a try!
  6. Good Afternoon, On a project I'm currently working on the garage door displays as such. However, I would like it to display like this in order to match other drawings I've done for this company. Is there any way to edit the cad block of the garage door without changing how the garage door shows up in 3d? Thanks for the help! Sawyer
  7. Thank you guys you just saved me about three hours of pulling my hair out! Have a good one!
  8. Good morning folks, On the 2nd story of the attached plans I'm having trouble with some "mystery" lines that are showing up. They appeared after I turned off the roof plane layer so I could print my floor plans without the dashed roof lines. I can't click on them and I've turned off all the layers that have to do with the roof but they are still visible. Does anyone have any ideas how I might get rid of these? Thanks for the input, Sawyer Rainswood_Model_Plan_1.plan
  9. Good morning, I'm working on the below project and I'm having some trouble trying to put in some dormers. I've included the model and some pictures of some old prints that I'm attempting to replicate. I've tried using the automatic dormer tool in chief with no success. Any ideas as to how I could create the three dormers on the front and the shed roof on the rear? Thanks! Rainswood Model Plan Roof 1.plan
  10. Good Morning Chief Architect pros! I've got a quick question about how 3D symbols display in 2D. As you can see in the below image the symbol for the shower in the bathroom shows the shower with a door on it. At our company we do not show doors on showers on our prints. It's a long story but it's very important that we do not show the shower doors. I've tried editing the 2D symbol without any success at removing the door. Does anyone know of a way to edit the 2D/3D symbols so my prints do not show the shower doors? Also, does anyone know of a way to insert a CAD detail and link it to a 3D item so it displays as the 2d representation of the 3d item? Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Good Morning, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to add a dwg cad block to chief architect's library. I would like to import a cad block to my library and then use it to represent a 3d shower in plan view. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. Hi there, I've got a quick question on the attached model of a pole barn I've been working on. There is a gap between where the fascia ends on both gable and eve sides. I've tried adjusting the size of the fascia but when I do that it seems to mess up the fascia under the eves as it moves in relation to the adjusted fascia. Also when I look at an elevation view the peak of the steel siding and the peak of the gable are not lining up. I'm using Chief Architect Premier X10 if that cues any body in. Comment or thoughts but mostly solutions would be appreciated! (LOL) Pole Barn 1.plan
  13. Nothing that I'm aware of? Here's the plan file for anyone interested. Thanks! Main Plan CA.plan
  14. Okay, so I've got a question here that seems like it should be pretty simple but we all know how that goes! As you can see in the attached photo I have a counter top with a snack bar on one side. My problem is the snack bar is going to be flush with the other counter tops so I need to remove the line between the counter to counter tops. I used the customer counter top tool to create the snack bar and set the o.h. for the back of my regular counters at 0". Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove that line. I thought about just extending my overhangs on the back of my base cabinets for the bar but that won't work because I'd hit the wall with one of them. If you'd like me to upload my plan file I can do so. Just thought there might be a quick easy fix somebody might know about. Cheers! SCdeshano
  15. Thanks for the help guys! I've finally got this problem resolved.
  16. Hello to all of you Chief Architects users out there. As a new user coming from several different programs learning a new system is sometimes about as frustrating as emptying the ocean with an eyedropper. My question is this. I resonantly built all of the wall framing for one of my projects. Now when I go to my floor plan view I see every 2x4 in plan view. I don't want this as it shows up when I export it to layout and it's not very pretty for customers to look at. I've tried turning off different framing layers but with no success. How can I make the picture with the framing in the floor plan look like the picture with no framing? Thank you in advance.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion about using soffit surface for the ceiling height. That fixed the issue.
  18. Good afternoon, I've got an issue with the ceiling on my porch. It appears that a portion of the ceiling is slopping away from the rest of the porch ceiling. Kind of hard to explain please see the photos. If you see what I mean and have any clue as to what is causing this and how to fix it I'd appreciate the incite. FYI I deleted all of the interior features from this model in order to meet the 25 MB threshold for uploads. Thanks! Uploade_to_Cheif_Talk.plan
  19. Got it thank you. I'm not sure why the middle room is different but thanks for the tip.
  20. That's very weird. It's still showing up on my file. I tried shutting down CA and opening it back up again and I'm still seeing that piece of siding on my perspective view. I wonder if there's a glitch in my system. Thanks for taking a look at it, looks like the problems somewhere in the programming or something.
  21. I'm using Premier X9. If that helps.
  22. Hello Solver, Here is the plan file. Why is filling out the signature important? CASTLEWOOD_ROAD_3D_MODEL.plan
  23. Hello to all of you on the forum. I've got a question about some siding extending passed one wall on the house I've been working on. The siding is extending only in an area where a false gable is located on the exterior. I'm trying to set up my perspective floor plan view for a ray trace and that portion of wacked out siding is cramping my style. Any help or suggestions on how to keep the siding from showing up in the perspective view would be appreciated. Thanks!