Creating a foundation with pilings


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I was trying to have prelim. plans ready for client on this 3 level beach house on 12"x12" pilings. Chief support said to draw the 2nd and 3rd level floors then come back and do the foundation and piliings which is to be 15 ft to btm of struction for the 2nd level living.

I cannot seem to get it to work right. Also the 3rd level has concrete base with deck on top of it to be waterproof. 


Can anyone help. 





Rendering 09.26.2018.jpg

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19 hours ago, Designer100 said:

Here is updated file, but I cannot seem to get the stem walls to not go above slab. Need 12x12 treated columns 15 ft to bottom of 2nd level structure. Also need slab continuing under the decking. any help would be appreciated.





Cruz Beach

Rendering 09.26.2018.jpg


Haven't had time to look at you plan but usually you do NOT use the CA standard Foundation at all, as Michael said just a Slab---with Footing in my pic below, and the Poles and Framing/beams etc are all done manually , with copy and Paste and multiple Copy it isn't to hard to do.


this is from the Test Plan I did a few Weeks ago after looking at the Linked KB.




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Hi Newell ,

                      It is still doable in your Plan , just takes a bit of work with the manual Framing Tools after deleting the Foundation , you 2nd Floor should be at about 16' though ( 15' plus depth of Floor) if you want 15ft Clear to the bottom of the Floor framing , it is currently 110".  The Floor is also showing 1 1/2" OSB for the subfloor and a Floor Finish of 10 3/4" ??? .... I didn't play with it as I am not sure what you were trying to do there.


The 3nd floor Deck of 4" concrete has me a bit confused , I'm not sure why it is concrete , nor do I see any supporting structure for it.








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