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22 hours ago, HumbleChief said:

Can it be done? Thanks.

Still curious about exporting importing "Plan Views". Not just views of plans but actual new feature "Plan Views". We can export import Anno and Layer Sets but Plan Views? Dunno but would like to do same for a set of plans drawn by someone else in Chief.


Anyone know?



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2 minutes ago, solver said:

How about creating a template from the plan? Not what you are asking, but might be a way to get them into your system.

Thanks Eric,


I actually want to get my saved 'plan views  in to another plan file. Here's the challenge. I've got 2 sets of plans drawn in Chief by another designer. As you might expect Anno and Layer Sets are completely different so we imported all my Anno/Layer Sets and they show up fine and we should be able to mod those with no problem. BUT we now have to recreate all the Plan Views that we use because I can't find a way to export/import those. Not a huge task but am I missing that feature?


We thought about using my existing plan template and importing the 'other' floor plans in to that template but worried about losing something that we would not know about till too late.


We're not up against a huge task (and would probably be finished in the time it took to post this) but would be nice to export/import everything and not just Anno/Layer Sets.


I'm guessing that cannot be done in X10?

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32 minutes ago, parkwest said:

If you go to import the plan into your saved view template, make sure your SVT defaults match the imported plan defaults.  For me, it was quicker to just add the saved views I wanted to the "imported" plan without importing.

Hmmm...I think the language can get in the way sometimes. "..import the plan"..I've never imported a plan before and don't see it on the import list of file types but I might be missing something.


What is an SVT? and its defaults?


How does one "add the saved view." I'm just not understanding the terms so much.


Again the "imported" plan. Feeling pretty thick here. Can we import plans?



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