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Hello All...

I get double callouts in my floor plan for the electrical symbols.



Here is my schedule dbx.



I'm at "wits end" trying to figure out how to only show the schedule number in plan, circle callout,  and hide the symbol number, oblong callout.   


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I think the only way that can happen is if you have another schedule that has been misplaced somewhere like a cad detail.

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Like CS , i would suspect a Electrical Schedule is in a CAD Detail too or on a Level you haven't looked on in Plan,

since this usually (only?) happens if two schedules are reporting the Callouts


do you have one perhaps in your Template Plan in a CAD Detail so it is always there

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Guys you are right... I forgot that my template has a CAD detail drawings with schedules pre populated.   THANKS SO MUCH :)

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