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In V10, there was a cross section with blank areas to be filled in with the plan specific information.


As far as I know, there was never anything very automatic like this.  The only thing that we have that is semi-automatic in cross sections is the Auto Detail tool.  It only puts in cad objects with fill styles though. 


Maybe you are thinking of a Cad Detail or Cad block?  If it was one of these, you should check the ones that ship with the X10 core libraries to see if we have any that are similar.  There may be additional ones available through our web site too.  It is also possible that you actually created something custom in your V10 template plan and were using that.


In any case, if it was something like one of these, then you should be able to bring it forward from a V10 plan into X10.  How you do this depends entirely on what you had though. 


You might want to post an example V10 plan showing people what you were using.  Then someone might have better suggestions of how to find the equivalent in X10 or how to bring it forward.

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