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Any idea what its usage may be for?


Strange message because you can not  insert  parenthesizes now in a macro title?


Is this something to come in X11? I'm thinking not since they now create/copy macros to singleton methods under the new Macros class. A () on the end would imply parameters.


Maybe their just eliminating any confusion? So much for he ability to pass parameters between macros?

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Here's the Help file section that applies to that message:



Materials List Formulas

Calculations in the Materials List are based on the properties of the objects in the model and the materials assigned to those objects. See Define Material Dialog.

If the default calculations do not meet your needs, you can replace them with custom formulas. Materials List formulas use Ruby syntax, which allows you to use both basic arithmetic as well as construct more complex macros. See Text Macros.

To insert a custom Materials List formula

1. Double-click in any editable cell in the Materials List.

• The cells in some columns allow you to choose an item from a drop-down list.

• Most cells are editable text fields.

2. In the inline text field, you can:

• Type the desired custom text that you need. The resulting text does not perform calculations and is static.

• Press the = key, then type or insert the desired custom formula. The = character at the beginning tells the formula to treat the text that follows as a formula instead of regular text.

3. If the cell has been previously edited, you can click the Revert to Default  button to restore the original, automatically generated content.

4. Click the Insert Macro  button to insert one or more User Defined text macros and/or Materials List column macros into the inline text field.

5. When multiple identical items are listed as a single line item:

• Select Apply Formula to Line Item  to apply the specified formula to the current row. When this option is selected, values in the other cells in the same row can be accessed, but not the properties of the object(s) themselves.

• Select Apply Formula to Source Object  to apply the specified formula to each individual object and display the total in the current cell. When this option is selected, the object(s)’ properties can be used.

Fields with custom macros report values with accuracy of up to two decimal points, even in columns that report whole numbers when calculated automatically.

Custom Formula Macros

You can create custom macros in the Edit Text Macro dialog and then insert them into the inline text field. See Edit Text Macro Dialog.

• Macros created for use in Materials List formulas need to have Evaluate checked in the Edit Text Macro dialog.

• Formulas that reference the object’s properties need to have “Owner Object” selected as the Context.

• Formulas that reference information in other cells in the current row need to have “Materials List Line Item” selected as the Context.


I'm not sure this is all that useful, and since I'm not using the Bill of Materials I haven't tested it to see how it works.  I think Michael is probably more knowledgeable about this feature.  You might try PM'ing him.


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1 hour ago, Joe_Carrick said:



Here's the Help file section that applies to that message:



Thanks for the effort -- Unfortunately it does not apply, in particular, to the message- only the same topic. As to the Material list macros - found them to be completely worthless for a mired of reasons. Still can't understand how it  ever got through beta?

Thanks Again


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