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  1. GerryT's post in Cad Tools Again was marked as the answer   
    polyline subtraction seems to work. Draw your polyline shape and convert to polyline solid then to road perimeter. draw your circle (hole) where you want and convert it to polyline solid.Leave as polyline but then subtract it from the road. Seems to work on a quick check but may be some bugs? Side roads and sidewalks seem to connect in OK.

  2. GerryT's post in Custom Label was marked as the answer   
    This might give you some ideas and maybe more questions. You have to use a reference macro since labels are limited to one line --- another squeaky wheel? The secret to making it look like a label is to put the reference line on a separate layer and turn off that layer. the line will still stay connected.
  3. GerryT's post in Default Room Label Fill was marked as the answer   
    Room Labels use the default text box set up under Defaults (wench) Room -- Room label -- Attributes.