How to get bullnose tread in doorway


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In drawing the existing conditions of a Victorian, I am trying to figure out how to get the bottom bullnose tread to extend into the entry hall. (Where it extends in reality is shown in red.) But because there is a wall there, the bullnose won't extend into the doorway. Defining the wall as "no room definition" doesn't help. If I move the wall away, the bullnose appears, but that doesn't put the doorway where it needs to be. Any suggestions? (Yeah, 2D CAD may be option.)


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Away from my computer but a few options that come to mind (and I’m not sure whether or not the first 2 would work or not)...


1.  Try blocking the stairs while the wall is out of the way and then leave them blocked once you put the wall back.

2.  Put the stairs onto a different floor and then overlap views in layout or use the reference display.

3.  Build that bottom tread with primitives and just make it slightly thicker than the existing tread to help avoid z-fighting.

4.  Just build that whole set of stairs with primitives.  

5.  Depending on the structure you might even consider building the wall with primitives or a symbol.  

6.  Use Justin’s idea.



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