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Revision Tables
5af323256374b_LayoutRevisionTabletool.JPG.3736cb0e225c451da2aeba8bec47c560.JPG Select Tools> Layout> Layout Revision Table, then click on a layout page to place a Layout Revision Table that that location. Layout Revision Tables list all revisions associated with the current page.
Unlike Layout Page Tables, Layout Revision Tables are page-specific. If you place a Layout Revision Table on a Page Template, it will display on every page that uses that template, but it will only list revisions associated with the current page. See Layout Page Templates.


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    • By NewLeafHomeDesig
      Is there any way to edit the revisions listed in the Revision Table?  It seems like once I add a layout revision, there is no way to edit it or remove it.  I can delete the table completely, but then if I add a new one all of the revisions I added in the past are still there.  
    • By cabnetdude
      We are getting a blank box on our layout page in x9 Interiors when we send a plan to layout. It is on all pages. The box can't be altered or moved. It is in the upper left hand approx. one quarter of the the layout screen. When this happens you can still adjust and modify plans sent to those pages but it corrupts the print and you get a blank page when printed. Any thoughts? Has anyone seen this before?
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      Hi All,
      I was needing help potentially setting up a custom macro. I'm not sure how simple it is to do, but I would Ideally like to have a macro like %page.print% but is able to ignore the cover sheet. or Basically %page.pring% - # of cover pages (1) so page two which is the first page after the cover sheet would display one, the following page two, ect.
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      I'm new to Chief. I'm using X-8.
      When I send my plan to a layout page in a 1/4"=1'-0" scale it does not let me use the tape measure tool in a 1/4" scale. My layout sheet is set up as 24"x36" D size
      paper. When I measure across the paper it shows 36" wide. If it was a 1/4" scale it should show 144".
      Is there a way to get the correct measurements in a layout page? Or do I have to go back to the plan file to get the correct measurements.