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Hi all. I am a GC based in LA. I currently do my own designs and am still learning chief but I am now looking to scale the company. What I am looking for is is someone who can take my 2d plan drawings and input them into chief ( I will be using home designer pro). 


I would like to set up some basic recurring items. Shaker cabinets, fridge, range.


I will lay out the basic idea of the room on 2d with measurements and locations of cabinets, windows doors etc. I need someone to draw this up in Chief, add in any tile/backsplash colour that needs to be added. Once this is all done, I would like to get layouts that I can then pass onto my subs for cabinets, electrical etc. It will be simple to start with and could get a little more complex, but I have an architect doing the framing when i have professional drawings done. 


It would be on a contract basis. Shouldn't take more than an hour or 2 for someone who knows what they are doing.


Anyone interested, please message me


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On 5/4/2018 at 7:54 AM, javatom said:

I have learned to avoid working with people that think something only takes an hour.


Couldn’t agree more.  I used to have an electrician years ago who was a good ole southern boy.  I gave him quick description of a little project I needed him to do, adding that it should be pretty easy.


He responded in a slow southern drawl... “It all sounds easy if you say it fast enough”.  


I absolutely loved it.  

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