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  1. Bretkennedy74

    Dimensions not showing while drawing

    I recently had to reinstall chief on my computer and now it is not the same as it was when I was using it before; When I create a new plan, I don't have a 'default layer set' under the layer set options for 2, but when I draw a wall of any kind, no temporary dimensions show I am using chief 11. I wanted to know what I need to look at to turn this function on. thanks
  2. Bretkennedy74

    Richmond VA

    @DMoore56Hi mate. I am still in need of this to happen. Can you contact me asap so that we can possibly arrange something
  3. HI all. I am a GC in Los Angeles and looking for an architect/drafts person who knows LA Codes. I do a lot of work that requires plans and permits, and am looking for someone to assist with the plans for submittal on jobs. eg: I have a 400 sq foot addition in Sierra Madre that I need to draw up and design, as well as plans for a possible structural wall to be removed. Looking for someone to assist with pricing and timelines. Please PM me for more details Bret
  4. Bretkennedy74

    Richmond VA

    PM me so we can discuss bret
  5. Bretkennedy74

    Richmond VA

    Hi all. I’ve recently bought an investment property in Richmond and I’m looking for someone to walk the house for me and create a set of current plans of the property. I would like to have these so I can design the remodel. i am in California so I can’t get there before the 11th and would like to be able to start looking st design and materials. anyone live in the area or close by that would be interested? Please PMme Bret
  6. Hi all. I am a GC based in LA. I currently do my own designs and am still learning chief but I am now looking to scale the company. What I am looking for is is someone who can take my 2d plan drawings and input them into chief ( I will be using home designer pro). I would like to set up some basic recurring items. Shaker cabinets, fridge, range. I will lay out the basic idea of the room on 2d with measurements and locations of cabinets, windows doors etc. I need someone to draw this up in Chief, add in any tile/backsplash colour that needs to be added. Once this is all done, I would like to get layouts that I can then pass onto my subs for cabinets, electrical etc. It will be simple to start with and could get a little more complex, but I have an architect doing the framing when i have professional drawings done. It would be on a contract basis. Shouldn't take more than an hour or 2 for someone who knows what they are doing. Anyone interested, please message me bret
  7. Bretkennedy74

    Polygon Solid Glass

    Thanks for this. I will go through this guide that I missed. regards Bret
  8. Bretkennedy74

    Polygon Solid Glass

    cool thanks so much
  9. Bretkennedy74

    Polygon Solid Glass

    got it. Ok I don't really know a lot about layers, have to find that video I think appreciate the help
  10. Bretkennedy74

    Polygon Solid Glass

    attached is the plan Bruce Master bathroom_2017_12_21.plan
  11. Bretkennedy74

    Polygon Solid Glass

    I am having some trouble seeing my polygon on my 3d view. I have followed the example in the bathrooms video, when I place the plygon on the pony wall and go back to a plan view, my polygon isn't red, it is there so I move it into place, but when I look on the 3d, it isn't visible. I have tried changing materials but seem to be missing something, I have attached pics. This is just the latest iteration of preferences. anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance Bret
  12. Bretkennedy74

    Drawer base Cabinets and an Appliance cabinet

    thank you, that has helped me a lot.
  13. HI all. I am having a little issue with working out how to do drawers. I watched the video and saw that you can add in the drawer to the heirachy and then set the heights and what not. I like chief because of its realism, and there are obviously many benefits that I am not familiar with. I am a kitchen and bathroom contractor, so I am trying to keep it simple for now. The previous program I used to use had a catalogue of base cabinets, drawer cabinets, pantrys and wall cabinets. If I am not missing something, it seems that I have to 'create' a drawer cabinet each time I want one? As opposed to having an option for 'drawer base' and then choosing the size? If that is the case, is there a way I can make a drawer base ( I use prefab mostly, so the drawers are always the same, 3 drawers. and we just adjust the widths) and save it so that I can just place it like I do cabinets? My second question relates to an appliance cabinet my client wants. basically its a cabinet with a few shelves that sits on the top of the counter, there is no base on the appliances cabinet as the bottom row of appliances just sit on the counter, and then they are hidden when the doors close. How would I achieve something like this? Thanks in advance bret
  14. Bretkennedy74

    Changing floor pattern directions

    These 3 pictures you have here what are they ? I know I won't get a seemless texture because each tile would be different, which makes drawing out a sample in photoshop even more difficult because I would be using the same piece to create the pattern but it would all be the same. It something I might try and see how we go though. Thanks.
  15. Bretkennedy74

    Changing floor pattern directions

    And i guess the next question is, if I find the correct pattern, and I want to use different materials to see what they all look like, I would need to create a specific material for each of those tiles. Meaning I would need to find a finished floor with each of those tiles in that pattern to create the material. I would have thought that there was a way to paint a material onto an existing pattern to see what different materials would look like if put in that pattern. Is that not possible? bret