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Finally!  With X10's addition of making any of the polylines sent to Layout complex shapes, I can finally create elevations in Chief Architect which combine color and black and white as a way to distinguish the existing home from the new addition!!  It looks great and easily helps graphically determine what is new versus what is existing!  I love this new feature so much!  Thanks CA coding guru's for this fantastic change.


The steps are pretty simple:

1. send the elevation to layout with color and shadows turned on

2. choose the copy in place button and make a duplicate copy right on top of the first one, while selected hit "open"

3. In the Layout Box Specification start with "Camera View" and check the "Plot Lines", but uncheck "Color Fill"  as this is the Existing portion of the home.

4. Move down to the Edge Line Defaults and choose a reasonable light weight for your plots (lighter the better)

5. Go to the "Line Style" tab and move this "Existing Home" down the "Drawing Group" so it falls behind the New Colored fill group

6. Go to the "Label" tab and "suppress" the label for the existing only.


Now you got a black and white line drawing UNDER the color one, so the fun begins as you start manipulating the top colored view polyline to fit snuggly around the new addition.  As you do this you'll now note that the black and white version starts to appear beneath the colored version.   This can take time, as you break and bend the polyline, but as you can see the effect is very attractive and easier to read.


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