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I'm new here & on CA x10, so pls be patient with me.  Drawing an exterior wall around for a house.  How do I change part of that exterior wall settings to fit settings of that room.  Change the exterior wall in that room from 4" to 6" but i want that exterior wall to remain 4" going down the line in other rooms??



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2 hours ago, BlueTree said:

Joe, I can change wall types as I'm drawing a wall??

If you  have Wall Types save in your Library, Selecting one of them will initiate th Walls Tool using that Wall Type.  It's not 100% seamless because you will be starting a new wall - but it definitely eliminates the need to "Break" the wall and then edit the Wall Type after creation.

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49 minutes ago, glennw said:

Don't forget that you can select a new wall type from Wall Default, the Library, or a toolbar icon, etc, and then just draw over an existing wall to replace it with the new wall type.

I do that sometimes but it will eliminate any existing doors and windows so I avoid that in most cases.

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