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  1. I'm attempting to build custom vanity in the bathroom, but cabinets keep reverting to the default style, for the doors and drawers.
  2. Working on a plan, I set the cabinet default to match the kitchen cabinets. Now all cabinets resemble the kitchen cabinets. How do i change the cabinet door and draw style? I know this is simple but can't figure it out.
  3. This is what I am trying to create. Have the door. Lites or side panels?? not sure of correct term here.
  4. Attempting to create a exterior double door with side panels. Panels styles (lites) match the door style. How do i do this so that all match? Lites are not an option under door specs.
  5. Thanks. Following along with the demo vids on youtube. I'm a newbie.
  6. k, Chopsaw. Think I got it fixed. Thanks a bunch for your help from the the Great White North.
  7. That worked for one the shower glass walls. The wall that adjoins at a corner not working.
  8. Working on the CAx9 Bathroom demonstration. getting near the end, notice the glass shower walls are piercing the adjoining wall. Cant pull it out to butt the wall. Any help in appreciated. Test_Bath_1.plan
  9. Working on a bathroom remodel, creating a mirror. I have a plan view, camera view and wall elevation view open. The mirror is in the plan view and camera view, but does not show up in wall elevation. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? Kitchen_test.plan
  10. Attempting to build a roof, cant get the hips to come together over the back of the house. It's a 7 in 12 pitch, hip roof with dutch gable in the front. Mill Rd - test 2.plan
  11. Solver, I'm new to this as i stated, can u recommend a plan of attack to learning CA Premier x10? There is a lot of resources to utilize. I have the time during day to learn it fortunately. But it is a lot to learn and a ton of resources to utilize. Thanks in advance. Rob
  12. Solver, When i tried to post the file, got an error 200 message. I worked thru it. thx, I appreciate the help. Rob
  13. not sure how to post the plan. I attached a pic. The wall w/ window is taller than the adjoining wall. How do I change or what do I change?
  14. Would it be possible to get someone to look at a project creating? Trying to draw the roof manually and having a problem with one wall.
  15. Got it. wall break tool right in front of me. thks Joe, I can change wall types as I'm drawing a wall??
  16. I'm new here & on CA x10, so pls be patient with me. Drawing an exterior wall around for a house. How do I change part of that exterior wall settings to fit settings of that room. Change the exterior wall in that room from 4" to 6" but i want that exterior wall to remain 4" going down the line in other rooms?? Rob