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First, do not turn off your angle snaps.  This will only lead to further frustrations.


You can specify the exact angle you want in the wall specification dialog and you should not get the warning indicators for off angled walls. 


You can also choose to turn off the warnings for any given wall once you are sure the angle is what you want.


You can also setup any specific angles you want in your Allowed Angles in your Plan Defaults to draw plans at these angles without the warnings.  This is the recommended thing to do if you are trying to design a building with one or more portions at some angle that is not one of the standard 15 or 7.5 degree angles.



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This software is predicated upon right angles as is most traditional Architecture in the World. You are best served to draw your walls as close to right angles as is possible to the default "North-South" of the plan view screen in Chief and try to minimize the number of odd angle walls in a plan. Most usually such "off angle" walls are found to be 30 and 45 degrees, it is VERY unusual to on purpose walls at odd angles.

When you must draw off angle walls it is best to set their angle by way of the Wall Specification Dialog-angle input box after drawing the wall. If you are trying to orient the structure to magnetic North you use a "North Pointer" to indicate magnetic North, leaving the structure itself oriented tot he default North-South of the plan view screen. To do otherwise is merely a choice to have unnecessary frustrations and difficulty in drawing the structure and subsequently in building such a structure.



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