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Block Editing requires you to explode the block make changes & then re-block the objects, the rename the block to the original name to update the existing copies of the block.

That's my understanding of the process. Is there another way?


In Autodcadyou can edit the block in place. When saved the copies are updated.


My issue is that if you alter the objects when editing & change the center of the block bounding box the update causes the copies of the block to move.

Or to be resized to fit the old outline.


I'm thinking I may not understand the process of editing an existing block while not resizing the copies or not moving the current position of the copies.


Would someone elaborate on the process needed to update block definitions?




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Updating CAD blocks in Chief is clunky just as you've found.  I've personally made requests that some of these problems be addressed but I haven't seen much in the way of improvement.  One of the worst offenders as you've pointed out is the way updated blocks don't adjust their sizes properly.  There are a couple ways of dealing with this...

  1. You can open the other instances and change the size factors back to 1.0 and 1.0.
  2. You can add the block to your library and then use Replace From Library instead.


Re: moving the postion of the copies:  You can control this to a certain extent by utilizing an insertion point.  The problem with this though is that the various instances only respect the insertion point during a resize if you do them one by one.  If you group select them and change the size factors all at once, then they seem to always resize about the bottom center of the block.  Using Replace From Library works a little better in this regard but doesn't respect any reflecting or rotating that may have been done. 


In short...I feel your pain.  Its a messy process at best.  Chief could really benefit from some improved instancing capabilities.

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