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  1. Clare_White

    Tripod to computer table top

    I had an old tripod that I was kicking around. I had a thought what if I put a table top on the tripod and have it available for doing field measures.Love those money saving ideas! Tripod table top is from MMDEX Laptop/note tripod stand mount for $23.00
  2. Clare_White

    Chief Architect and Window 10 upgrade

    Never mind. It was my double monitors that aren't the same size.
  3. Has anybody run the windows 10 update and now Chief Architect X9 and X10 I can't get any cameras to run. Camera elevation, perspectives, even old saved cameras. The floor plan seems to be the only window that will activate no multiple windows available. Hate Windows it is a control freak.
  4. Clare_White

    Block Editing

    This would be a great thing for Chief to upgrade. I came from Autocad and blocked, copied, moved till the sun went down. I did see that they now have stretch command in the X10 now we a talking about some power.
  5. Thanks for sharing this.
  6. Clare_White

    Tool Bar and Camera View

    Thanks for answering my pondering question, I didn't see that anyone responded till now. Am I bad, I need to be more social on Chief Talk. I figured out my problem it was really stupid. I have been working off a TV screen and I have noticed my vision just keeps progressively getting worse too fast. I tried an experiment I switched to these old monitors that I use to use. The monitors weren't recognizing my Graphic Card and things were going rye. Now I am back on my TV screen but further away from the screen. I should probably add 4 more feet to it but my office isn't that big.
  7. Clare_White

    Tool Bar and Camera View

    Hi I am a week-end warrior, Anyone else having trouble using Chief Architect this week-end. Library tool bar just disappeared, I had to reset it same thing happened last week-end. To fix that problem you go to Preference-Reset Toolbars. To do Multiple camera views doesn't want to work. Do I have a bug? Norton is working away in the background. I attached a starting file. 82P Exist.plan
  8. Clare_White

    Chief and Text needs to improve

    Yes, I realize both of those things which are great points. It just doesn't make it for me, the numbering wont't continue consecutive on a double paragraph text. But I must say the Rich text it is better then it was.
  9. Clare_White

    Chief and Text needs to improve

    I have a request that Chief has text input that you can control. Like when you start to renumber a new text line it can be in succession from the last numbering. I have a huge list of text with numbering from Word doc, I can bring it into Chief but when I do a new line it won't do the number in succession.
  10. Clare_White

    A Little roof help please

    Thanks Bob and Robert, This Roof stuff is tricky. Some roof look really simple when you first look at them and then you draw them in and find all the problems. What is the saying "practice makes perfect." Robert you have it correct on the last one. I did start out with trying to draw it like that but then it wasn't working out and I got lost along the way. Google maps are great when you can look at roofs all around, however I feel like a spy. Thank you!
  11. Clare_White

    A Little roof help please

    Hello, I have this Garage remodel project that the garage roof I can't figure it out. The garage roof is a hip that joins in with the house roof, I got all that. I need help with this small triangle that joins the front and back together. I have attached the google map images of front and back and the drawing file. I am almost at the point of just sending these problems out and paying someone for it. 3943 SE Cooper St - Google Maps back of house.pdf 4008 SE Cooper St - front of garage.pdf Steve & Tereas Oslund Exist roof 1a.plan
  12. Clare_White

    Old Template Plan Warning...

    Glad you posted this. I was on vacation for a couple of days, and I have a new computer that isn't set up completely. I was starting to feel like I was losing my mind. All my favorite settings have vanished!
  13. Clare_White

    Some Of The Same Lights In The Same Room Do Not Work

    I am glad someone posted this problem. I am doing a camera view with shadows. Only 8 lights on in a room, it seems like I had 50 lights on the other week. Working on this large project I had tons of lights no problem. I come back three weeks later and the lights don't want to show, the layer is turned on. I did a cross section and found the lights on the floor upstairs. Moved but didn't fix the foggy room. Tech support told me get my video card update. That is usually a good thing to do, but it didn't fix it.
  14. Clare_White

    Garage With A Room Above

    I figured it out I didn't the interior second floor and third floor lined up. The interior walls were not aligned and it was locking the garage flexibility. Thanks again for your patience and questions.