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I am trying to figure out how to adjust the rise angle of a pair of stairs. I have stairs in and they do not reach the next level. Can anyone help me? Also, I have set up the signature but not sure how to get it to show when I post. I am using Chief Architect Premier X9.

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2 minutes ago, kMoquin said:

Open the stair dialog box, click "Make Best Fit"



1 minute ago, solver said:


Click the Make Best Fit button.

 I have tried this and it goes way beyond where I want it to be. I will post pictures in a few.

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The green check mark is where the door opens for the staircase not the one with the red x. First picture is the stairs before the "make best fit" option and the second is a different view of the make best fit.  

Untitled 1.jpg

Untitled 2.jpg


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Make Best Fit will automatically generate enough 11" deep steps to reach the next level that are as close to the "ideal" riser height of 6.75" as the program can get.


Looking at your picture, you may not be able to create a stairway that is as short as you want that will reach the next level and still meet typical code requirements.


You can either make your tread depth shorter or remove some steps and use a larger riser height.  By default, the program will not let you build a stairway with automatic heights unless the riser heights are less then 9".  You can turn off the automatic heights and specify whatever riser height you want but your stair may not be very practical or legal.


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