Ghosting in Layout View


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Perry,  I am not so sure that is how vector sections and elevations are handled.  However very true for 3D camera views.


Bill,  I am assuming that steel section is a symbol because I am seeing the same thing with symbols in my plans.  It seems to have something to do with the symbol Smoothing Angle but the effect is only very slight in my testing.  Not really a solution yet.

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8 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

I am assuming that steel section is a symbol

Yes it is, but the "ghosting is not just on the symbol.


1 hour ago, DRAWZILLA said:

you must have sent an image to the layout instead then.

It is definitely plot lines/color fill.

It is as if all the colors are offset, though the symbols were worse.


I know I had this issue years ago and it seemed like it was an easy fix with camera settings or something.  I think it was when color fill was first introduced.



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Yes there is still a general offset issue that I have reported to Chief several times and it was much worse when first introduced.


There does seem to be a magnified issue with symbols and their angled edge lines as is very obvious in your first posting.


Maybe there is an antialiasing setting somewhere we are both missing that Perry knows about ?

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