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Hi every one,
I am facing an issue ,program is chief architect X9 .Made a base cabinet ,put that BC to the wall ,made a load bearing rest stand with poly line solid for wall cabinets , put 4 puck lights in that stand , in camera view theses lights turn of whenever i try to put wall cabinet on the stand . If i drag the stand out from under the wall cabinet lights turn on . counter checked the sizing and placement of wall cabinet but problem is still there .
Any hint on how to fix it . i want the lights in on position when wall cabinet goes back to its position with the wall .

when i tried to use puck above cabinet ,it shows turned On ,then why the puck under the cabinet is not showing up ? please help

Untitled 4.jpg

Untitled 5.jpg

Untitled 6.jpg

Untitled 7.jpg

Untitled 8.jpg

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40 minutes ago, Aamir77 said:

Any hint on how to fix it

Puck lights are preprogrammed to attach above or below upper cabinets by default. So to do what you want to do runs into this preprogramming limitation in this kind of symbol.

I think that emulating puck lights with custom symbols and custom light sources to bypass this preprogramming that puck lights have to get your work done is a reasonable workaround. Chief's objects most all have programming limitations of some kind and I believe you have found one more of those limitations. Thinking out of the box, so to speak, is your best route to solution methinks. 



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1 hour ago, DavidJPotter said:


I think that emulating puck lights with custom symbols and custom light sources to bypass this preprogramming that puck lights have to get your work done is a reasonable workaround.


Any exemplary thread on this forum ?

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Try saving one of the pucks to your user library, open up it's symbol DBX and under options change it to off-set from the floor. Place the puck into your plan and set it's height from the floor as an absolute distance. This will override the auto mount to underside of cabinet function. The problem seems to be that when you place the upper cabinets then the auto placement sees those upper cabinets as having priority and therefore moves them up and as such they are now hidden by your P-Soild support rack.

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