A serious error occurred (null pointer)


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Dear folks , 

I am facing the issue A serious error occurred (null pointerwhen launching any 3D view. Please help . 

To inform you that there is no such problem in my x8 but as soon as i installed x9 it started happening this way . Installed ,uninstalled and reinstalled several time but problem is there whereas x8 is running like a charm .

My system information is attached herewith as pictures .

Thank you in advance .



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I'm really not sure, but it looks to me like you have 2 potential issues...your graphics card and your memory...both of which are at or below the absolute minimum required to run Chief. 


Your video card is at the absolute minimum except for the Open GL version which is actually below the minimum.


Your memory is also at the absolute minimum as well.  Just to give you an idea of what we're talking about here, I have 16 GB installed on my system and at any given moment I'm typically using 5GB of that memory without doing much of anything at all.  I don't even have Chief open and my system is using 33% or 5.3GB of that available memory...and all you have is 4GB.


Bear in mind we're talking about minimums here.  You're not anywhere even remotely close to the recommended specs for running Chief.  If you do this for a living, I would really suggest you look at a new system.



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I would suspect it is the OpenGl support which needs version 3.3 in X9 but only version 2 in X8 . TechpowerUp says it supports OPGL 3.3 but ??? , I did read that Driver version 11.2 help OpenGL sometimes on the 4000 series cards.




latest ATI Driver...from 2013


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